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The future of recruitment

at your company.

TRUE Test, innovative human resource recruitment solution that uses gamification to rank and evaluate candidates by their general cognitive ability.

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That feels like a games.

Meet our games created by our neurologists, psychologists and engineers.

Designed to measure new candidates’ cognitive performance with pinpoint accuracy. It perfectly measures data from 8 different categories such as attention, problem solving ability, arithmetic, and memory.

Complex Data.

Simple reports.

We have developed our technology supported by many different data points with strong statistical formulas and clinical researches.

Put aside complex and confusing analysis. Spend your time making decisions with our simple, understandable graphics and smart insights.

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Do not miss any details.

TRUE Test comes with a control panel too, where you can manage the whole selection process. It is easy to use and control. Just add candidates you want to test and let our system do the rest. TRUE Test not only offers you a standard assessment, but you can also customize TRUE Test for the best candidate you are looking for, for your open position and get more accurate results.

Have a question?

TRUE Test includes customizations to each company. Contact us to get a price for a solution specific to your company, to review report samples or to ask any questions you may have.